8 Website Building Mistakes To Avoid

When you decide to build a website for your business, there are so many things to consider. It can be confusing to deal with the conflicting information out there about what constitutes a useful website, as well as matching it with your own vision; while also trying to avoid website building mistakes that can hurt your business.

As you work everything out using our Website Planning Worksheet and Brand Board, try to avoid making these website building mistakes.

1. Ignoring the Rules of Accessibility

Website Building MistakesIt is very important to understand the rules of accessibility, ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, your website by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed. When sites are correctly designed, developed, and edited, generally all users have equal access to information and functionality. Websites that follow the rules of accessibility also to help search engines access your site better.

2. Including Irrelevant Content

You want to avoid including any type of content that is not relevant to your audience and the message you want them to take away from visiting your website. That includes but not limited to images, audio, video, and text.

3. Contact Information Is Not Readily Visible

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to contact a business but not knowing how. Do not hide your contact information from your website visitors. It is essential that they can contact you.

4. Unnecessary Entry Pages

I’m sure you have you’ve seen websites like this: the ones that you have to “click here to enter.” This is completely unnecessary. It can be a barrier to your audience finding the information they need and it is also a problem for search engines.