Brand With Vision – Create Your Brand Board

Create Your Brand Board

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There are multiple steps to developing your brand; however, in this blog post our focus will be on only one step and that is the planning step through the development of your brand board.

Many business owners are not conscious of their brand and that is a big problem. How are you going to be effective in your industry if you have not established your brand?

The planning process is used because in our minds, until you write your brand image and concepts down, they are not completely valid. The longer the concept stays in your mind, the more potential it has to dissipate because you are flooded with thoughts every second of every day that come and go as quickly as they came or went. But if you take the time to write down what you want your brand to represent, the more likely you are to take the time necessary to make sure it occurs.

The key to a successful brand is strategic thought-provoking concepts and images that clearly articulate the embodiment of your brand. The best way to organize and visualize these concepts and images is by creating a brand board.

Although similar, a brand board is not the same thing as a vision board.

A brand board is a 1-2 page document that includes all the visual elements of your brand. It includes variations of your logo, brand colors, typography, and graphic elements.

Your brand board is the road map of your brand that comes with instructions on how to implement each brand element. Your brand board is a reference guide that can and should be shared with your printer, web designer, or anyone who is working on your business’s branding.