Business Website

5 Things Your Business Website Should Have

Business websites are standard these days regardless of size or industry. Without a website, your business will not be taken seriously.

Here are 5 things your business website should have:

1. A Call to Action. Your website visitors are on your website for a reason. Your business website is a marketing tool designed to get website users to request more information, purchase a product, or book your services. You need to present a clear call to action, so your website visitors do not leave your website and take their business to one of your competitors.

Website Building Mistakes

8 Website Building Mistakes To Avoid

When you decide to build a website for your business, there are so many things to consider. As you work everything out using our Website Planning Worksheet and Brand Board, try to avoid making these website building mistakes.

4 Guidelines For Choosing Your Next Website Design Company

4 Guidelines For Choosing Your Next Website Design Company

A professional website design company knows a lot better than to just create an attractive website. They understand the importance of conversions and are well versed in calls to action, proper design layout, color psychology, information architecture and usage patterns.